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Department of Travel Management, with the national tourism policies as well as industrial demands coincidentally in Taiwan, globally recognized for excellence in education and research of talented professionals in tourism management as the main target. The department follows the orientation of “becoming an incubator for cultivating hospitality and tourism elites, a key partner to industry and a new exemplar of hospitality and tourism education.” Furthermore, it implements the educational guidelines of “humanity, professionalism, entrepreneurship and internationalization” by adopting the strategy of “locally based and internationally expanding”, in the hope of cultivating talented individuals who possess professional skills, career ethics, humanistic literacy, management abilities and international perspectives. With this perspective, it can cultivate tourism elites, become a key partner to the tourism industry and serve as a new exemplar of tourism education.


The core subjects of this department include: Tourism Management, Principles Of Management, Tourism Resource, Travel Agency  Management, Tourism Guiding Interpretation, Tourism Administration and Laws, Global Distribution System, Principles and Practices of Tour Manager and Tour Guide, Marketing, Tour Planning and Design, Travel  Serivce Industry Human Resource Management, Dverseas Visiting, etc.